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To product overview Live Presentations

  • Kasper Heron Købke takes the audience on a trip to a world of art with his pencil, eyes and thoughts as the guide.

    It has only been a few years since Købke found out that he wants to live off drawing. Before that he was getting a university degree and working in fields that can hardly be considered connected to the world of art.

    His first steps into this world was pure coincidence but he knew right away that this was what he wanted to do. And his experiences from a life unrelated to his new calling as an artist is a tremendous bonus.

    With his coincidental entrance to the world of drawings as the starting point of ”foredrag” of his view on the art of drawing today and give thea audience insight in how he's chosen to deal with this particular artform.

  • Drawings by Købke will plan the specifities of each individual ”foredrag” in cooperation with the client. As an inspiration we have included some examples of what the ”foredrag” can take as its starting point and focus.

    The craft as the focal point

    Taking art drawings as a craft as the starting point, Kasper Heron Købke will talk about his work as an artist. This includes a small detour to the 19th century and Christen Købke, a painter in the golden age.

    The focal point of the ”foredrag” will, however, be the craft. With Købke's skilled guidance the audience will be introduced to the basic techniques of art drawing.

    Discover the possibilities of your own talents

    Kasper Heron Købke will talk about discovering one's own talents and taking advantage of these. Everyone has something they are better at than the next guy. The tricky bit is finding out what. From there it's all about being focused and developing these talents through hard work and repetitions.

    Købke will talk about how he discovered his talent and how his life has played a big role in where he is now.

    At every ”foredrag” questions and comments are welcomed throughout, as dialogue and participation will give an extra layer and a greater understanding of the ”foredrag”. All in all it will increase the audience's ”udbytte”.

  • Practical information

    Target group

    The craft as the focal point: aims towards those with an interest in the history of art but first and foremost the craft behind artful expression. If you have an artist inside waiting to be let out or if you are interested in both the techniques behind and the history of art you will find this ”foredrag” interesting without a doubt.

    Discover the possibilities of your own talents: aims at those that are still contemplating where they want to take their life. Which path shoudl I choose? Which abilities and talents do I posses and how far can they take me?


    A ”foredrag” consists of a visual presentation in the form of pictures, video and text. These are important supplements to the verbal presentation. Among other things the audience will be introduced to new pictures and videos from former art projects that are not available elsewhere.

    Drawings by Købke can supply a video projector. If you posses one that can be plugged to a computer and is used for similar purposes Drawings by Købke would prefer to use this one.


    Every ”foredrag” will take about an hour and a half.


    Contact Drawings by Købke on +4551239825 or send an email to events@drawingsbykobke.com for information on prices. Every ”foredrag” is planned individually in cooperation with the client and the price depends on what the ”foredrag” will consist of.

To product overview Live Drawing

  • Live Drawing

    Every company and business wants to have a unique trademark, something to ensure and increase awareness in the public about their products and services.

    Creating a unique piece of art requires the artist to be able to think creatively. Charles Darwin said that it's not the strongest species that survives but the fittest, the species that is best able to adapt to changes. The same goes for companies and public institutions; it is through the ability to adapt to the circumstances and innovate, the ability to discover new possibilities that allows them to create a dynamic and contemporary business.

    Live Drawing gives an immediate increase the amount of attention your products and services garners as opposed to ordering and waiting for a finished art drawing.
    By choosing Live Drawing the artist will create the drawing where it will eventually be used. This will let you use the entire process of acquiring a drawing which will help increase interest in you and your products. The added attention will affect your entire office or institution.

    You will be working closely with Drawings by Købke who will create not only a drawing, but a unique brand for your company or institution. With the drawing as a visual attraction you will be able to achieve a special kind of attention to your products and services. A hand drawn visual attraction from Drawings by Købke makes your store or company stand out from all the others in your line of business.

    For more information on Live Drawings contact Drawings by Købke on +4551239825 or send an email to events@drawingsbykobke.com

  • Past Live Drawings

    All Live Drawings are planned individually with close cooperation between Drawings by Købke and the company or institution.

    For inspiration take a look at our collection of photos and video clips from past Live Drawing sessions.

    AMK – Clothing Company

    From the day AMK first opened the doors to their store in Rødovre Centrum the artist from Drawings by Købke was in the store working on the art drawing – a 6 metre drawing of the New York Skyline. This gave AMK much attention from its customers, passerbies and customers from other stores in Rødovre Centrum. Many returned several times to check up on the artist's progress with the art drawing. AMK's flow of customers and the attention the shop garnered increased because of this.

    At AMK's opening reception a month later the drawing was finished and it held much responsibility for the amount of attention the shop had already received. To this day Drawings by Købke is still contacted by people who have seen the drawing in AMK. It's become a brand and an eye catcher for the store and it is constantly making each visit to AMK a memorable one.


    The Lavuk project started with the desire to acquire a single art drawing of the institution. But when Drawings by Købke suggested Live Drawing a much greater project started taking form. The whole institution from employees to members was involved and project My Lavuk was set in motion, a project where all the members got a chance to express themselves artistically. Drawings by Købke finished the art drawing in the course of a week and it ended with a fernisage of an exhibit. Channel TV-Glad followed the project and it ended with a documentary of about 20 minutes about Lavuk. Lavuk gained much more from the process than just a art drawing, much more than they'd originally set out to get. They got an enjoyable project and increased awareness about their work both internally and externally. Every time members and employees see the drawing in their entry hall, they are reminded of project My Lavuk and all the good things Lavuk does for its members and employees.

To product overview Live presentation/exhibition

  • For a couple of hours exhibition is combined with a live presentation when Kasper Heron Købke draws us into the world of, well, the art of drawing. As his and our guides he will use pencil, eyes and thoughts. Købke will tell you about his art and as part of this he will take the audience back to the days of the famous golden age painter Christen Købke who lived from 1810 to 1848.
    Furthermore he will also give the audience an insight in his opinion about drawing as an artform today. He will also talk about how he has chosen to deal with the world of art, one that he became part of by coinsidence.

    The most important thing for Købke is not how he draws but instead why he draws. By using a explanation of why he draws as a platform he can give a more comprehensive and engaging explanation of his techniques and how he draws. To this end Købke will lead the audience through drawing sessions with a focus on basic techniques and the craft behind the artform. This gives the audience a better understanding of how a piece of art is created.

    The audience will be able to take a closer look at the exhibition before and after the presentation as well as during the break. The presentation will be held at the site of the exhibition which will allow Købke and the audience to actively draw on the exhibition before, during and after the presentation. As the presentation proceeds the audience will be able to better understand each individual peace of art.

  • Practical informations

    Target group

    This arrangement is aimed at large auidences like employees at cooperations or societies that wish to arrange something out of thr ordinary. The good thing about this arrangement is at it gives the audience a strong understanding of the art because they can study each individual piece like in any gallery. But they will also get a thorough explanation of each work – how it was created and the process behind.


    The presentation contains visual elements such as pictures, video and text that supplement the words of the presentation as well as the exhibition. Among other things the audience will be introduced to new pictures and videos from former art projects that are not available elsewhere.

    Depending on the specifities of each individual arrangement different kinds of AV equipment is required. During the planning of the event this will be talked through.


    A live presentation will take about two hours. This may vary depending on the client's wishes


    Contact Drawings by Købke on +4551239825 or send an email events@drawingsbykobke.com for information on prices.

To product overview Workshops

  • Are you one of those people, who find themselves doodling when at work, in school or at meeting? Those who try to hide it so that others won't think that they're not focusing? As a doodler you'll most likely think that it heightens your concentration and focus and new scientific discoveries point towards, that doodling enhances one's concentration and memory.

    Furthermore doodles develop our ability to draw and out techniques, hence making us better at explaining our thoughts to other people.
    When one combines a speech with a visual presentation or explanation –for instance in the form of a drawing – it strengthens the message one is trying to get across.

    Everyone no matter what age, gender and occupation needs to be able to explain matters in a clear and distinct way and using simple drawing and visualisation techniques you'll take a huge step towards being able to convey a message.

    Because of this Drawings by Købke offers workshops to schools, associations, institutions and businesses who wish to help their pupils', member's or employees' communication skills through drawing techniques.

    Drawings by Købke wishes to plan every workshop based on the client’s preferations and in cooperation with the client.
    A workshop can be everything from a few hours to up to a week. It can be a stand-alone event at an office or association or it can be part of a lengthy thematic project for instance a school or other institution.

    For more information on workshops contact Drawings by Købke on +4551239825 or send an email to events@drawingsbykobke.com.

  • Past workshops

    Every workshop is planned individually so the participants get a process that fits their desires and preferations.

    For inspiration, see photos and video clips from past workshops.

    Drawing sessions

    At the combined live presentation and exhibition called Håndboldkunstneren på hjemmebane (The handball artist at his home court) the audience was involved in the process of drawing through four drawing sessions. Through this they received a good understanding of the many possibilities the techniques hold and they learned that with very few techniques one can go far in the field of visual expression.

    Drawings Studio

    PåOn the institution Lavuk Drawings by Købke conducted a drawing course that spanned over a week. Here the members and employees of Lavuk actively took part in creating their own work of art, themed by themselves. Throughout the process they were guided and educated on how to build up a work (of art). The course was concluded by a exhibit were the members of Lavuk could present their works to the other members, to their parents and others.

To product overview Exhibitions

  • Exhibitions

    Drawings by Købke aims to create unique exhibitions. Everything ranging from a standard exhibition where the drawings are framed and placed on a white wall to exhibitions centered around videoprojectors and many other unconventional ways of exhibiting for instance work in progress as well as involving other forms of art like musicians, Djs and the like.

    Every exhibition revolves around drawings from Drawings by Købke. The tremendously detailed yet enormous depictions of cityscapes and urban scenes to the smaller but still very realistic drawings.

    Drawings by Købke displays at galleries, art societies, restaurents, clubs, bars and every other sort of insitution or shop where that sees potential in displaying the drawings – either exclusively or along with the works of other artists.

    For more information or inquirements about arranging an exhibition contact Drawings by Købke on +45 51239825 or send a mail to events@drawingsbykobke.com

  • ”The Package”

    The vast majority of Drawings by Købke's works are owned by private persons, companies, or institutions. Furthermore a fair share of them have been created directly on a wall or large plates that are mounted on the client's wall.

    Because of this Drawings by Købke has created ”The package”, a collection of high quality prints in 1:1 scale, video streams of work-in-progress and original drawings owned by Drawings by Købke. This combination of different forms of expressions grants the unique possibility of putting together an exhibition that world fit your premises.

    ”The Package” is a dynamic collection that is always being rearranged and expanded as Drawings by Købke completes more works.

    Drawings by Købke is always willing to try new and unorthodox ways of using and presenting ”The package”.

    The current ”Package” can be seen here