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More Than Lines-projects

More Than Lines - When it's about much more than lines on a piece of paper
Drawings by Købke’s mission is to bring out creativity and drawing to as many children and youngsters as possible, as many places around the world as possible is done through the so-called ‘More Than Lines’-projects.
‘More Than Lines’ comes from Købke’s basic philosophy that drawing is about much more than lines on a piece of paper. Because it’s not about WHAT you draw, but THAT you draw.
The drawing can give each individual a mental free space, a time off. But at the same time it can also be a unifying factor across cultures, languages and nationalities. Drawing can create narratives that no words can describe.
This short documentary about Oscar, a 10-year-old boy with Aspergers Syndrome, explains how the implementation of drawing and visual understanding can have a huge impact on us as individuals, and not least to the people we surround ourselves with.

Produced by Historiefabrikken
A world of collaboration partners
Drawings by Købke continuously collaborate with Danish and international partners and sponsors in order to develop, organize and execute meaningful, rewarding and creative ‘More Than Lines’-projects around the world.
The Danish Cultural Institute (DKI) have a long-term partnership with Drawings by Købke. The Cultural Institute conveys cultural exchange between Denmark and abroad with the purpose to create dialogue, exchange and mutual inspiration.
DKI supports More Than Lines-projects which falls under their strategic focus.
Faber-Castell, one of the world’s largest pencil manufacturers, has since 2009 been Drawings by Købke’s regular collaborating partner and sponsor. They have provided regular feedback, concrete creative actions and not least drawing equipment for the many projects, workshops, events etc.
Drawings by Købke also collaborate continuously with various local, national and international NGO-organizations, educational institutions and businesses to implement and execute each event and each ‘More Than Lines’-project.
Do you want to join us?
Drawings by Købke is always looking for interesting and meaningful projects, wherever in the world they may take place.
So if you have a concrete project or “just” a project idea that you believe that we and our partners could contributes to and help you organize and execute, please do not hesitate to contact us at
”… we have chosen to work with Kasper Heron Købke because he has a unique ability to be both creative and very concrete at the same time…”
- Jimmy Holm Olsen – Founder, Cheche
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