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Hans Christian Andersen book by Købke - Order it here!

 Forudbestillingsside på dansk
Købke's Hans Christian Andersen - you can order it right here!
Købke has spent more than 5.000 intense drawing hours following the footsteps of the world famous fairy tales, which will soon be published in 8 languages.
The book is aimed for both children, adults and Hans Christian Andersen experts as Købke throughout the entire drawing process has been true to Hans Christian Andersen’s amazing tales – but at the same time Købke has incorporated about 1.000 references from Hans Christian Andersen’s life, work and contemporary time among others – so regardless of age you will always be able to discover a new detail or a new biographical reference in Købke’s Hans Christian Andersen drawings.
Or by filling out the form below - it can either be for yourself or as a present – and if you want it you can also get a ‘To & From’-card when you order from the form below.
(The book’s price is 399 DKK  + delivery - the invoice is send to you after you have placed your order of your new Hans Christian Andersen Fairy tale book)
Order your Hans Christian Andersen Book right here! 
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