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About Kasper Heron Købke

Kasper Heron Købke, a Danish autodidactic and renowned pencil artist, draws extremely photo-realistic and large-scaled Art Drawings.
He was awarded Art Talent 2010 in Denmark, has held solo exhibition at Art Copenhagen 2010, and has created Art Drawings for clients based in for example Switzerland, the Netherlands and Washington DC.

Købke’s contribution to the Elephant Parade Copenhagen in 2011 was auctioned off in the top 5 out of a total of 103 art elephants. Also, in 2011 the documentary ‘Drawings from the Desert’ was an integrated part of Louisiana’s LIVING exhibition. A documentary that followed Købke’s challenging drawing process at Burning Man in the Nevada desert.


Judges’ statement, Art Talent 2010 in Denmark.
“Excellent technical skills combined with atmosphere and motif makes Kasper Heron Købke’s art pieces stand out from all the others. The sense for details, the ability to see ordinary everyday objects like historical building, garbage and a fallen bamboo as motifs for an art piece makes Købke more than just an excellent craftsman. In his hand all the well-known gets a touch of magic. We recognize it, but in a new perspective, which is not free of a slightly adventurous atmosphere...”
- The owner of the Art Drawing ‘A Portrait’ (2012)'
”Kasper, thanks a lot for a completely overwhelming visual experience. The final Art Drawing goes far beyond our wildest expectations. You have a spectacular talent and a gift that deserves the highest recognition. I will rejoice over the Art Drawing the rest of my life and take care of it as one of my most cherished possession.”
Lasse Sørensen, journalist
"Despite the fact that drawing has been Kasper Heron Købke's faithful companion throughout most of his life, it was really only three years ago that he took a step further to make it his career. But there is really no way to see that in his drawings.

With a surgeon-like clinical precision, the self-taught artist illustrates different parts of Copenhagen's city-scape with his extremely detailed pencil strokes in such a way that it is difficult for the viewer to differentiate between his drawings and reality.

Striving to make his drawings resemble snapshots of reality, Købke works with the concept of texture. To make all of the intricate details of his drawings look as much like reality as possible, texture gives the realistic and authentic touch that makes them life-like and photo-realistic.

His technical skills and artistic flair for intracies are at a level that most people cannot comprehend and as the viewer one feels both amazed and also intimidated by the detail that adorns Købke's extremely realistic and monotone pencil universe."
Drawings by Købke - All images Copyright 2006 - 2014 | VAT number: 3075 3895 | Vartov, Farvergade 27 L, DK-1463 Cph V. - Denmark |